A message for readers






Dear Reader,

There comes a time in our lives when we are forced to rebuild ourselves from scratch, because circumstances push us to do that. We all have different ways of releasing and working with our emotions when we experience a life-changing event in our lives. Some of us choose to write our feelings out in a diary, and some resort to relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or exercise, in order to release the unwelcome emotions which bar them from reaching their true potential. We want to be free from suffering from trauma, loss, relationships falling apart.

For me, writing Sweet Nothings – Perils and Ironies, a story about a significant chapter of my life, was like a self-revelation of my feelings, scanning conflict to clarity. There were emotions I struggled with, and those I eventually learnt to conquer. Writing my story helped me understand my own being better and forced me to be honest with myself. It was like narrating from a place in my heart, which I was finally ready to have a conversation with. I hope this story helps someone out there who may be struggling with similar tribulations. I hope it gives them light, as it gave me, to guide them to their own true path!

Love and peace,



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